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Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by:

Vítor Neves, at 100 Off-Records Studios

Musical composition and lyrics: Liane Silva

Song arragements: Liane Silva, Vítor Neves

Vocals: Liane Silva

Drums: Carlos Miguel Carvalho

Bass: Diogo Cunha

Guitar: André Pacheco

Piano: Carolina Bonzinho, Liane Silva

Keyboards: Liane Silva, Vítor Neves

Violins: Dora Durães

Cellos: Tiago Mendes

Guest appearance on “Catarse”: Juliana Rocha

Guest appearance on “Oxygen Tax”: Carlos Magano

Album cover (photo): Queirós Fotógrafo

Artwork (drawings and digital work): Liane Silva

Artwork (paintings): Laura Nunes

Guest appearance on “Retrovirus” (artwork): Alexey Kashpersky

Special thanks to:


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© Liane Silva, 2016. All Rights Reserved.